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AddnAide is available to specific clients enrolled in programs managed by Council on Aging. If you're enrolled in one of these programs, you have the option to hire your own aide (employee). By creating a profile in AddnAide, an app created by Council on Aging’s nonprofit subsidiary home52, you’ll be able to view profiles of people in our community who are able to provide services to help you remain independent in your home.

With AddnAide, you’ll have more control over who provides your care, as well as your care schedule. 

Not currently a Council on Aging client? Contact Council on Aging to learn about programs and services that may help you remain independent in your home.

AddnAide is available for download from the Google Play store for Android devices and in the Apple App Store for Apple devices. It's also available online at addnaide.home52.org

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Already in AddnAide? Need help? Call us at (855) 460-7268 or send us a message at support.addnaide@home52.orgWe can provide in-home technical support to help you get the most out of AddnAide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is home52?

home52 is a wholly owned, nonprofit subsidiary of Council on Aging (COA). For more than 50 years, our community has trusted COA to provide compassionate, cost-effective programs and services that help older adults and people with disabilities remain independent in their homes and communities.

Created in 2017, home52 is Council on Aging’s innovation hub, providing a flexible environment where COA can develop innovative services and products to meet the needs of stakeholders and partners. COA and home52 are experts at helping individuals, families and caregivers manage complex medical and long-term care needs. home52 programs and services align with Council on Aging’s mission to help individuals remain independent in their homes.

Learn more about home52.

How Does AddnAide Work?

AddnAide is a secure digital platform where you (the employer) or your designee are matched with potential caregivers (the employee) based on user-created profiles. Your case manager will create your AddnAide profile with input from you and help you manage the process of finding an aide. You will be able to view the services each aide can provide, their schedule of availability and any relevant experience or skills they share through their profile.

The app makes the process seamless and safe, allowing you to:

  • Create a profile with information about the type of services you need. These services have been approved by your care manager.
  • Work with your aide to create a schedule of care that works for both of you.
  • Communicate with your aide about schedule changes or any other issues that arise.
  • Approve time sheets for your aide.
  • Match with additional aides if needed (for example, you may have one aide who does housekeeping and another who does your grocery shopping).
  • Communicate with your care manager and other members of your care team about your services. 

Who Can Use AddnAide to Find a Caregiver/Aide?

Currently, AddnAide is available to pre-approved individuals who are enrolled in a participating Council on Aging program. If are not currently enrolled in a Council on Aging program and need help with daily tasks such as housekeeping, personal care, meals or transportation, contact Council on Aging to learn about programs and services you may be eligible for.

What Services Will My Aide Provide? 

Any aide you hire may provide only those services approved by your care manager. You may have more than one aide providing your services. For example, you may hire one aide to manage housekeeping and personal care responsibilities and another who does your grocery shopping. Your aide(s) will be paid to provide those services using funds from your program. 

If I Find an Aide in AddnAide, Who do They Work for?

The short answer is: you! Any aides you match with and hire in AddnAide become your employees. You may designate someone to serve as your “employer of record,” in which case, this individual would serve as the aide’s employer.

It is important to understand that aides you hire through AddnAide are NOT considered employees of AddnAide, home52, Council on Aging or your program. 

Is My Information Safe in AddnAide?

Yes. Protecting your personal health information is very important to home52 and Council on Aging. AddnAide puts you in control. People who have created an aide profile in AddnAide are not able to view profiles of older adults who have signed up to be matched with an aide. You can review information about the aides you are matched with and choose which you would like to be introduced to. At no time will an aide reach out to you unsolicited. 

Are There any Special Requirements to be an Aide?

Our goal is to encourage as many people as possible to consider becoming an aide for an older adult. People from all walks of life and all types of professional backgrounds can be suitable for this job. However, the following applies to anyone who wants to provide care through AddnAide:

  • Must be 18 or older.
  • Must provide their own mode of transportation to and from your scheduled appointments.
  • Must successfully complete the background check process (including fingerprinting) prior to providing care. This process is managed by a financial management services provider. 
  • Depending on the program you are enrolled in, your aide be required to meet training and registration requirements established d by the Ohio Department of Aging and/or Ohio Department of Medicaid. When you use AddnAide to match with an Aide, the aides available to you in the app have already completed these requirements. 
  • Aides are not required to have special or additional insurance to provide care. Workers’ compensation protection is provided through your program.

Can I Hire More Than One Aide in AddnAide?

Yes! Through AddnAide, you will be matched with aides who can provide the services you need and have been approved for. You may have more than one aide providing your services. For example, you may hire one aide to manage housekeeping and personal care responsibilities and another who does your grocery shopping and takes you to doctors’ appointments. 

AddnAide makes it easy for you to have more than one aide because all payroll and tax-related information is processed securely through a fiscal management services provider.

How Will My Aide Get Paid?

Your program uses a financial management services provider to manage all financial and payroll responsibilities that go along with being an “employer.” On your behalf the financial management services provider will manage all payroll, taxes and IRS reporting associated with the services your aide provides. 

How Much Can I Pay My Aides?

Your aide will be paid an hourly rate agreed upon by you and your aide within a range allowed by the program you are enrolled in. Adies are not be reimbursed for mileage.

Aides are subject to standard payroll deductions, including state and federal taxes, Social Security withholding and workers’ compensation. The financial management services provider manages all payroll, taxes and insurance requirements.

Who do I Contact if I Need Help with My Services?

Contact your assisgned Council on Aging care manager if you need assistance. 

Who do I Contact if I Need Help Using AddnAide?

If you need help or have questions about the AddnAide app or website, contact our support team at support.addnaide@home52.org or (855) 460-7268

We can provide in-home assistance using your device to set up your AddnAide account and to manage your care in AddnAide. Call (855) 460-7268 to request an in-home appointment. 

I am Not Currently Enrolled in a Council on Aging program. What Should I do?

At this time, only individuals enrolled in specific programs managed by Council on Aging can use AddnAide to find a home care aide. In the future, we hope that anyone who needs to find an aide will be able to use AddnAide.

In the meantime, if you need help to stay independent in your home, please contact Council on Aging to talk to an expert about what programs or resources are available to you. Depending on your needs, this may include evaluation for one of the programs that use AddnAide. You can reach Council on Aging by phone at (513) 721-1025.