home52 Transportation selected for national transportation innovation showcase

May 14, 2024

home52 Transportation was selected for inclusion in the 2023 National Aging and Disability Transportation Center’s (NADTC) Innovations Showcase, a publication highlighting 14 transportation programs selected through a nationwide competition that showcases creative thinking and effective resource utilization in the transportation sector serving older adults, people with disabilities and caregivers within their communities. home52 Transportation manages multiple transportation providers through a centralized transportation coordination system, providing specialized, on-demand and advance-scheduled trips for older adults and people with disabilities.

The 2023 Innovations Showcase honors exceptional programs across six pivotal categories: Accessibility, Coordination, Cross Jurisdictional Boundaries, Equity, Health Care Access and Technology. NADTC defines innovations as new services, improved service delivery methods, enhanced accessibility, innovative planning or oversight, novel solutions to longstanding issues, improved engagement with underserved communities, coordination across sectors, or new technological applications for increased accessibility. The innovations can be entirely original or adaptations of successful approaches from other programs or settings. NADTC received 27 submissions for the 2023 Innovations Showcase.

home52 Transportation was recognized for its same-day transportation model that enhances specialized transportation accessibility and fosters collaboration among regional providers. home52 Transportation addresses the limitations of regional public transportation systems by providing accessible vehicles, personalized support and frequent communication with riders, drivers and medical facilities. Through provider coordination, home52 Transportation creates a more efficient and reliable transportation system for older adults and individuals with disabilities by reducing deadhead miles and creating cost savings for providers, funders and riders.

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